NFL free agency: Kirk Cousins admits he asked Redskins about a trade

On the first day of NFL free agency, ESPN’s Chris Mortensen reported Kirk Cousins asked team owner Dan Snyder about a trade. Appearing on ESPN’s podcast “Know Them From Adam” the quarterback didn’t deny the report, but clarified a few details.

“As Chris Mortensen reported, not sure how it got out, but I did just Cheap Jerseys Toronto inquire to Mr. Snyder and [team president Bruce] Allen if there was any interest in trading me just to try to get an understanding of their perspective,” Cousins said. “And the answer I got back was, you know Mr. Snyder communicated his belief in me and his desire for me to remain a Redskin and his desire to help me by surrounding the quarterback position with all the players and coaches that you need to succeed. And that’s the kind of message you want to hear from the owner of your team.”

Cousins said all of his interactions with Snyder have been “positive” this offseason despite what appears in the media. The QB says reports can end up being viewed differently by people, and told a story he had about an interaction with someone who saw Mortensen’s tweet.

Kirk Cousins appealed personally to owner Dan Snyder for a trade but was basically told not to get his hopes up, per sources.

Braves (6-12) at Mets (8-11), 7:10 p.m. ET — One of three series-opening games postponed by rain Tuesday, Julio Teheran (1-1, 3.52 ERA) and Noah Syndergaard (1-1, 1.73 ERA) will duel in a rematch from opening day. Teheran has posted a 0.63 ERA over his past six starts against the Mets, but New York won the first game of the season, 6-0, as neither ace factored in the decision.

Sammy Sosa on steroid rumors: ‘They have nothing on me’

Though the gatekeepers to the Baseball Hall of Fame seem to have turned a corner when it comes to considering the Steroid Era, one of the period’s most prominent stars hasn’t seen much benefit.

Sosa gave an interview last week to former Chicago Cubs media relations staffer Chuck Wasserstrom, who now has his own blog. Among the topics raised in a wide-ranging conversation was Sosa’s famed 1998 duel with Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire for home run supremacy. Asked about his memories of that summer, Sosa’s answer veered unprompted into the subsequent PED discussion that has cast a Cheap Jerseys In Bulk retroactive pall over both men and the state of the game in the late 1990s.

“I hit one in the head and one in the chest,” Hernandez allegedly told Bradley. “He was panicked. He was in a state of shock. It wasn’t a bragging tone.’’
Testifying against Hernandez under the promise of immunity, Bradley said Hernandez “felt people thought he was soft” and wanted to show otherwise by shooting de Abreu and Furtado. Inside the nightclub, Bradley said Hernandez orginally “got mad” when de Abreu, a stranger at the time, stumbled into Hernandez, spilling his drink.

de Abreu stood next to Hernandez “smirking,” according to Bradley, further escalating the situation.

“He was upset about it,” Bradley testified. “The individual with the braids (de Abreu), he smirked. He was kind of laughing. He knew what happened, and he smirked about it.’’

“I hate when people try me,” Bradley recalled Hernandez later saying as they exited the nightclub.

David Ortiz takes to Twitter to dash Red Sox fans’ comeback dreams

On the day Red Sox position players were required to report to camp, thoughts inevitably turned to a longtime Fort Myers, Fla., presence who won’t be around this spring.

David Ortiz was a popular topic of conversation Thursday at Fenway South, but even as some Red Sox fans continue to harbor fantasies that he might have second thoughts about retirement, the DH resurfaced to virtually swat them away.

Kang, 29, was arrested Dec. 2 in Seoul and charged with fleeing the scene of accident under the influence of alcohol. It was Kang’s third DUI-related arrest and resulted in his license being revoked. The arrest also cost Kang a spot on South Korea’s team for the World Baseball Classic.

Yonhap News reported Thursday that prosecutors had sought a summary judgment against Kang that would have resulted in a fine of about $13,000, but the court ordered a trial and the player must appear in person.

Kang agreed last week to enter a voluntary alcohol treatment program.

Kang is coming off a season in which he hit .255/.354/.513 with 21 home Cheap Jerseys Borntrade runs in 103 games. He finished third in National League Rookie of the Year voting in 2015.

The role, of course, has been something of a black hole for the Rockies virtually since the franchise began, with three-time All-Star Brian Fuentes the prime exception. But that was 10 years ago, and taking a flyer on Holland as he returns from the Tommy John surgery that cost him all of 2016 is a low-risk, potentially high-upside move for Colorado.

Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell vows to come back ‘stronger’ after groin surgery

Wheeler has made eight relief appearances in his professional career, all in 2010, his first minor league season. He’s not eager to find out how his arm will react to being used every other day in the bigs.

Wheeler needs to check himself here. A guy with three-plus years of service time, two Cheap International Soccer Jerseys of them spent on the DL, shouldn’t be making any proclamations or demands. He and the Mets have no idea when (or if) if his patched-up elbow will produce high-90s heat again. Working, say, multiple innings in relief every three to four days early (or late) in the season doesn’t seem unreasonable.

“I know at some point I will have to go to (do) the bullpen thing just because of the innings,’’ Wheeler said. “I hate innings limits, but I guess that is part of the game these days. You’ve got to do what they say. They’re the boss.’’

Le’Veon Bell is on the mend.

The Steelers running back underwent successful surgery on his groin Monday, and said he is already feeling better.

I appreciate everyone’s thoughts & prayers…surgery went really well, & groin already feels better than it did before! I’ll be stronger! ???

The NFL launched an investigation into why Pittsburgh omitted Bell’s injury from report, which remains open.

Clearly the organization expects Bell to return to tip-top shape — last month the Steelers placed the franchise tag on Bell for 2017, which will make him a cool $12.7 million if they don’t reach a long-term contract agreement by July 15.

Apologetic Matt Harvey admits being out past curfew

Mets starter Matt Harvey admitted being out late over the weekend, the reason for not showing up to a game the following day.

“As I just did with my teammates and my coaches, I apologized for my actions and I do apologize for my actions,” Harvey said Tuesday in a press conference at Citi Field, his first comments since his weekend suspension.

The team suspended Harvey three days without pay for not reporting for Saturday’s game against the Marlins. He was not the scheduled starter but he missed his turn Sunday because of the suspension.

“I think people make mistakes. I think I’ve made another mistake,” Harvey said.

Reports said Harvey texted the team late Saturday afternoon, saying he was suffering from a migraine after playing a round of golf earlier in the day. The team reportedly sent security to his apartment Saturday night to check on him.

The New York Post reported that Harvey was out drinking with friends until 4 a.m. Saturday.

Despite the controversy, it was an impressive weekend for Pham, who was called up Cheap Football Jerseys From China from Triple-A Memphis to make his season debut Friday. He went 6 for 12 with three home runs and five RBIs in the three-game series. After the sweep, the Cardinals (16-14) are just half a game back of the Reds (17-14) in the National League Central and have won seven of their last 10.

The NL Central looks like it might be the most competitive division baseball this season with just three games separating first place from last place.

Whoops: Cardinals tweet for spring training fan contest uses Cubs baseball

As of now, Harper owns a .279 batting average. It’s hard to see old-school voters — however many are left on the Hall of Fame voter rolls when Harper retires — rushing to give first ballot votes to any hitter with less than a .300 batting average. Harper’s also injury-prone, averaging just 131 games through his first five seasons and has an attitude that alienates some fans and writers.

A Cardinals sponsor is offering a great promotion, giving fans a chance to win a trip to spring training.

The team tweeted out the great news, but there was a small problem: The promotion used a baseball featuring a Cubs logo.

The tweet had been deleted from the Cardinals’ Twitter account later Tuesday morning.

All joking aside, this promotion from American Family Insurance does sound like a great deal for Cardinals fans, offering four tickets to the spring training games March 24-25, airfare and accommodations, a meet-and-greet with Cardinals players and a $1,000 gift card.

We’d like to report that they are playing the Cubs one of these days, but instead they Cheap Girls Softball Jerseys face the Nationals and Marlins.

In today’s politically charged, America-centric USA, that can be a hard concept for some fans to grasp. Some take the stance “It’s AMERICA’S pastime, not the world’s.” Therein lies a big problem.

While there’s an ongoing war for the soul of baseball here at home, the front line for Chris Park — Major League Baseball’s senior vice president of growth, strategy and international — is overseas. For Park and MLB, it’s a battle worth fighting, and one MLB seems to be winning.

The Clippers’ Season is Over. Here are 6 Predictions for What’s Next

The Clippers lost game 7 at home to the Utah Jazz, and they lost it badly. With it, they also lost another opportunity at a deep playoff run, and quite possibly the last chance for this core to make some noise together in the postseason.

A few notes about our top 100 list.

This list, as with any kind of rankings, is subjective. The SB Nation NFL staff worked together to create it. We put a great deal of thought into it, but you will inevitably disagree with it. That’s fine. Save your tweets. We know. This is merely a guide to help the world keep track of which free agents are signing where.

The final salary cap for 2017 has now been set at $167 million. That’s a jump of nearly $12 million over last year’s $155.7 million cap. That’s consistent with the annual bumps we’ve seen since the 2011 collective bargaining agreement went into effect.

*Yes, Tony Romo was not technically a free agent, but he was kinda available until he decided to retire and take a job with CBS.

We’ll keep this list updated with players who get cut as well as for who’s signing where and for how much. So keep checking back.

There was no real marked improvement in Leftwich’s four seasons in Jacksonville, derailed by a couple troublesome ankle injuries. He became a solid backup in Pittsburgh for a few years, but Leftwich failed as high first-round starter. He never recovered from getting close to the flame too early.

Boller got the chance to play right away as a rookie, as New York Yankees Cheap Jerseys Baltimore had few other viable options. He got in nine starts before injuring his thigh. He needed to pick up his tenth opportunity during his second season, in which he started every game.

Russell Westbrook’s sensational season transcended wins and losses

This season wasn’t going to end any other way for the Thunder. A team so dependent on the brilliance of one individual never had a chance in today’s NBA. The archaic formula could work in the regular season against other flawed teams and in an environment where the opponents are constantly changing.

But faced against a real Houston Rockets team in the playoffs, with an equally brilliant star and a good supporting cast, there was no other conclusion than a quick 4-1 exit.

We’ve seen varieties of this situation before, but never to this extreme. This severe reliance on one man was the result of losing Kevin Durant, which destroyed a team structure built to run on the talents of Durant and Russell Westbrook. The duo had been just one game away from beating the 73-9 Warriors and going to the NBA Finals.

With Durant in the Bay Area, the Thunder had to decide whether to rebuild or fight in vain. Westbrook, always seeing the impossible as a test rather than a dead end, could only choose one path. He was going to fight, and he’d bring his teammates as far as he could all by himself.

In the mid-2000s, the Clippers were struck ever harder with injuries. Shaun Livingston suffered one of the most infamous and grotesque injuries in basketball when he snapped his left leg Baseball Jerseys Cheap in half. And when Elton Brand ruptured his Achilles only eight games into the 2007-08 season, he was never the same player.

As a franchise, the Clippers have never even been to a conference finals, and I’m sure fans can point out another dozen terrible moments of bad luck that has befallen them over the years to prevent that from happening. With Griffin’s injury on Friday, we’re left wondering if this same group of players — who seemed to give the Clippers the best chance of making it there — will even be around next season.

Conley released a statement denying the allegations.

The Raiders got some much-needed help at cornerback by adding Gareon Conley out of Ohio State with the No. 24 overall pick of the 2017 NFL draft.

Initially expected to be a first-round pick, Conley was accused of sexual assault just days ahead of the draft. His lawyer strongly refuted the charges but said his client would voluntarily schedule a meeting with law enforcement after the draft. The Cleveland Police Department confirmed to Land-Grant Holy Land that this is an ongoing investigation.

Conley released a statement denying the allegations.

“The things being said about me and what happened that night are not true and don’t fit my character at all,” Conley said. “I realize that I put myself in the situation and I could have used better judgment.

Two, six, eight and thirteen – those were the numbers that, according to this fantastic behind-the-scenes look at the NHL Draft Lottery from Sportsnet, turned out to be the lucky ones for the Dallas Stars, awarding the team with the 3rd overall selection in the upcoming 2017 NHL Entry Draft.

It was an incredible bit of good fortune for the Stars, who entered this weekend with the 8th-best odds in the lottery, behind the seven teams that finished below them in this year’s regular season standings and the expansion Vegas Golden Knights.

The New Jersey Devils won the 1st overall pick, and the Philadelphia Flyers, in an even greater stroke of luck, the 2nd, despite having only the 13th-highest NFL Jerseys Outlet odds. Instead of picking 8th (or, in the absolute unluckiest of possible outcomes, dropping as low as 11th), the Stars will jump all the way up into 3rd.

Rams pick Cooper Kupp broke NCAA records. Next up: the NFL

In four seasons at Eastern Washington, Cooper Kupp caught 428 passes for 6,464 yards and 73 touchdowns. He is now trying to prove he’ll produce in the pros, too. The Rams drafted him 69th overall in the NFL draft on Friday.

Coming out of high school five years ago, Kupp didn’t get a single scholarship offer from teams in the FBS, college football’s top level. He wound up deciding between EWU and Idaho State.

There are under-recruited stars, but there are few un-recruited stars. Kupp hailed from Yakima, Wash., a little-recruited town in a little-recruited part of Washington.

“I pursued the FBS. I tried to get ahold of everyone I could. I actually couldn’t get ahold of people. My grandpa played at U-Dub,” Kupp told SB Nation, referring to the University of Washington Huskies. “We had a lot of connections there. We couldn’t even get a reply back from them. We couldn’t get a letter back or an email back that simply said, ‘No, we’re not interested.’ We couldn’t get anything from them, so, you know, it was frustrating.”

When people start whining about nanny states and “pussification,” we’ll know that baseball is on the right track. Cross your fingers, everybody.

The alternative is that we could just wait for someone to get killed, whether it’s because of a bat or a baseball. That’s one of the possible solutions, I guess. It sure would take the least amount of work. Manny Machado is right, though. The de facto system of checks and Cheap Xavi Jerseys balances is unfair and hypocritical, and I don’t know how much longer baseball can keep the status quo.