Details have emerged on the failed deals and the consensus is pretty simple among insiders: the Astros got too attached to their prospects.

“The explanation for the Astros coming up empty is more about their longstanding stance on their top prospects, others insist,” Jon Heyman of FanRag Sports reported. “They just weren’t willing to surrender their top prospects in some cases, rival execs said. ‘The Astros had the (young) players to make a deal,’ said one other rival GM. ‘They have a good farm system.'”

Ken Rosenthal suggested the same thing: “The Astros’ failures at the deadline were not for lack of effort. But they made six to seven prospects off-limits in discussions for Britton and Padres left-hander Brad Hand, sources said.”

So when the Astros thought they had a deal for Britton only to get it nixed after medicals were exchanged it begs the questions: If the Astros were trying to deal players with medical questions were they simply trying to pawn off players in an effort to outsmart their trade partners? Does that really qualify as trying to get a deal done?

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