Here’s Marcus Mariota throwing an interception — you could actually see it unfolding

After Smith’s interception that gifted the Giants with prime field position, they were only able to turn it into a field goal, but it gave them a 9-6 lead with 1:41 left in the game.

There are a lot of reasons why the Giants fell to 2-9 and put McAdoo on the hot seat. A fundamentally broken offense is probably the biggest reason why.

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It provides a view where you can see the routes being run, and what the quarterback is looking at:

Washington immediately responded to the US Cheap Jerseys game-tying touchdown by driving into New Orleans territory. An ill-timed intentional grounding on a miscommunication between Sports Cheap Jerseys Cousins and his receivers backed up the offense, but the Saints got to overtime thanks to a huge sack in the final seconds that forced a fumble and ran out the rest of the clock.

Then in overtime, Washington got the ball first, and the Saints defense came up huge again when Cameron Jordan got a sack.

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