Yankees Gary Sanchez needs to improve his defense, says Joe Girardi

When Gary Sanchez dropped a third strike in the second inning of the Yankees 7-2 loss to the Indians Friday his defensive woes in 2017 came to a head. A runner scored from third on the passed ball that put Cleveland up 2-0 and set off head coach Joe Girardi.

“He needs to improve,” Girardi said after the game (via NY Daily News) . “Bottom line.”

In all honesty it’s the right way to play it for Oakland. The A’s have a 44-58 record, have next to zero chance to make the playoffs and have Gray under control for another couple of years. They can keep him and continue to build on him and maybe make a playoff run next year.

Add that to the fact that the Astros, Dodgers and Brewers are all in the running for Gray, and all of those teams have a good stable of prospects. It’s smart to ask for a high price and that’s exactly what the A’s are doing.

At this point the A’s have until Monday to get the deal done and odds are they will, netting a huge prospect in the process. It’s just a matter of which GM will bite the bullet and pay that high price for the starter that could be the difference between making the playoffs or even getting to the World Series.

It’s going to be an eventful few days.

From the bottom of the knee to the armpit, the strike zone is set for each batter. No technology is used, at least for the umpire’s benefit during the course of the game. It’s just one man using his own eyes to determine which pitches are strikes and which are balls.

Just how good umpires are at that aspect of their job is debatable. While Tampa Bay Lightning Cheap Jerseys the prevailing thought around baseball is that they are accurate on somewhere US Cheap Jerseys around 95 percent of calls, that number is unscientific. Without anyone from the league to confirm or deny, we’re left to speculate. Could it be lower than that? Could automating balls and strikes be a more accurate way of doing things?

Stanley Cup playoffs three stars: Capitals rally past Penguins to stay alive

Just when it looked like the Capitals were headed for another disappointing exit from the Stanley Cup playoffs, they showed signs of life.

The Capitals scored three times in the third period for a 4-2 win over the Penguins to stave off elimination in their second-round playoff series.

Patterson, 59, is a Wisconsin native who graduated from the University of Texas in 1980 with a degree in business administration. His father, Ray, was the general manager of the NBA’s Houston Rockets and Patterson later worked for the Rockets as well. He also led the Rockets’ successful bid to host the 1989 NBA All-Star Game in The Astrodome.

He has held executive positions with the AHL’s Houston Aeros and the NBA’s Portland Trail Blazers, as well as the NFL’s Houston Texans, who landed Super Bowl XXXVIII thanks, in part, to Patterson’s efforts. Patterson was the AD at Arizona State from March of 2012 to September of 2013, before he left to assume the same title at his alma mater. Though he was fired on Sept. 15, 2015, the Coyotes are clearly hoping Patterson’s NBA relationships and his experience at Arizona State will help the Coyotes find a new home for the upcoming season and beyond.

The team had a deal in place with Arizona State, which actually has an NCAA Division I hockey program. The Coyotes were going to play at Arizona State’s 16,000-seat arena before the school unexpectedly pulled out of the agreement in February. That has since led Bettman and NBA commissioner Adam Silver to convince Suns owner Robert Sarver to share Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix with the Coyotes.

“I’m looking forward to working with Mr. Barroway to create a successful Cheap Authentic Jerseys franchise on and off the ice,” Patterson said, “and Cheap Bike Jerseys For Men I’m very excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead.”

Paul Millsap, the subject of trade rumors earlier in the day, went off with 32 points and 13 rebounds.

LaMarcus Aldridge led the Spurs with 27 points and 13 rebounds.

Pacers big man Myles Turner recorded his fifth double-double of the season in a 117-104 win over the Magic. The second-year player out of Texas scored 23 points and grabbed 12 rebounds as Indiana improved to 17-18.

Three different Pistons scored more than 20 points in a 107-98 Detroit win over the Heat, but Andre Drummond was most impressive with 25 points and 18 rebounds.

Thunder star Russell Westbrook finally earned his first career triple-double against the Grizzlies in a 103-95 win. Westbrook finished the game with 24 points, 13 rebounds and 12 assists. There are now just five teams against which Westbrook has failed to record a triple-double against.

Isaiah Thomas, who is quickly becoming one of the best players in the league, scored 20 of his game-high 38 points in the fourth quarter to help the Celtics defeat the Wizards, 117-108. Thomas also had six rebounds and five assists.

Kyrie Irving isn’t the only one to blame for the Cavaliers’ 102-86 loss to Texas Rangers Cheap Jerseys Texas Rangers Cheap Jerseysthe Blazers, but he was, perhaps, most at fault. The star point guard scored just 11 points on 4 of 16 shooting. He also dished out just one assist to go with Quality Cheap Jerseys his three turnovers. It was a forgettable night for Irving and the Cavaliers.

LeBron James implores coaches, mentors to push kids harder

LeBron James is still a relatively young man, just 32 years old, but it’s clear he spends quite a bit of time thinking about parenting these days.

Less than a week after firing back at a flippant LaVar Ball comment about his sons, the Cavaliers star embarked upon a Twitter monologue Sunday night, imploring coaches and mentors to push kids harder to help them succeed.

He expanded on those thoughts in the locker room afterwards, essentially saying the same thing. He said he apologized to Thompson and that they’re “cool” now. Thompson appeared to agree, although he wouldn’t explain what specifically happened.

“We’re family. Little miscommunication in the huddle. Move forward. Move forward. We’re family. Got each other’s back always. Move forward,” Thompson said. “Not going to get into it, just miscommunication, like I said. Move forward. It is what it is. Got the win.”

The frustration stemmed from a play just a bit earlier when Paul George made a bucket to give him 43 points on the game. The Pacers All-Star was dominant in the fourth quarter as he was able to continuously switch the man covering him. On this basket, however, he went uncovered and James was clearly upset with Thompson afterwards.

The frustration boiled over onto the next Cavs possession, even Cheap Jerseys Baseball after Kevin Love Cheap Islanders Jerseys hit a 3-pointer that pretty much sealed the game. With Cleveland struggling lately, emotions are going to be high, but they can at least feel good about coming out of the game with a victory.

Lil Wayne denies partying with Giants, riffs on Packers love

Lil Wayne is a huge Packers fan cup-holder-in-the-shape-of-a-cheesehead huge.

Last week he became a fringe player in the Packers’ wild-card matchup with the Giants. Word came out that the hip-hop superstar met up in Miami with the Giants Cheap Hats And Jerseys players who went to South Beach for some New Year’s R&R.

That quarterback, Tom Brady, is readying for his seventh Super Bowl and his first since serving the four-game suspension Goodell handed down for Deflategate after a protracted legal battle. Kraft’s Patriots were fined $1 million and lost a first-round draft pick as part of Goodell’s punishment.

Kraft voiced his appreciation to President Donald Trump for offering constant support after Kraft’s wife, Myra, died in 2011.

‘When Myra died, (Trump’s wife) Melania and Donald came up to the funeral in our synagogue, then they came for memorial week to visit with me,’ Kraft said. ‘Then he called me once a week for the whole year, the most depressing year of my life when I was down and out. He called me every week to see how I was doing, invited me to things, tried to lift my spirits. He was one of five or six people that were like that. I remember that.’

Kraft couldn’t live (Myers’ words) with former Patriots coach Bill Parcells. The way Myers described it, Kraft did not like being treated as an outsider by Parcells, who led New England to the Super Bowl in the 1996 season.

Brown is one of the best players in the NFL. That makes him a leader in the locker room. He had six catches for 108 yards vs. the Chiefs. That type of production immunizes him from blowback inside the room, especially when a trip to the Super Bowl is on the line.

For his sake, all of that better happen after his social media foolishness, after he helped to take his team’s focus, even if slightly, away from football going forward.

Sammy Sosa on steroid rumors: ‘They have nothing on me’

Though the gatekeepers to the Baseball Hall of Fame seem to have turned a corner when it comes to considering the Steroid Era, one of the period’s most prominent stars hasn’t seen much benefit.

Sosa gave an interview last week to former Chicago Cubs media relations staffer Chuck Wasserstrom, who now has his own blog. Among the topics raised in a wide-ranging conversation was Sosa’s famed 1998 duel with Cardinals slugger Mark McGwire for home run supremacy. Asked about his memories of that summer, Sosa’s answer veered unprompted into the subsequent PED discussion that has cast a Cheap Jerseys In Bulk retroactive pall over both men and the state of the game in the late 1990s.

“I hit one in the head and one in the chest,” Hernandez allegedly told Bradley. “He was panicked. He was in a state of shock. It wasn’t a bragging tone.’’
Testifying against Hernandez under the promise of immunity, Bradley said Hernandez “felt people thought he was soft” and wanted to show otherwise by shooting de Abreu and Furtado. Inside the nightclub, Bradley said Hernandez orginally “got mad” when de Abreu, a stranger at the time, stumbled into Hernandez, spilling his drink.

de Abreu stood next to Hernandez “smirking,” according to Bradley, further escalating the situation.

“He was upset about it,” Bradley testified. “The individual with the braids (de Abreu), he smirked. He was kind of laughing. He knew what happened, and he smirked about it.’’

“I hate when people try me,” Bradley recalled Hernandez later saying as they exited the nightclub.

Apologetic Matt Harvey admits being out past curfew

Mets starter Matt Harvey admitted being out late over the weekend, the reason for not showing up to a game the following day.

“As I just did with my teammates and my coaches, I apologized for my actions and I do apologize for my actions,” Harvey said Tuesday in a press conference at Citi Field, his first comments since his weekend suspension.

The team suspended Harvey three days without pay for not reporting for Saturday’s game against the Marlins. He was not the scheduled starter but he missed his turn Sunday because of the suspension.

“I think people make mistakes. I think I’ve made another mistake,” Harvey said.

Reports said Harvey texted the team late Saturday afternoon, saying he was suffering from a migraine after playing a round of golf earlier in the day. The team reportedly sent security to his apartment Saturday night to check on him.

The New York Post reported that Harvey was out drinking with friends until 4 a.m. Saturday.

Despite the controversy, it was an impressive weekend for Pham, who was called up Cheap Football Jerseys From China from Triple-A Memphis to make his season debut Friday. He went 6 for 12 with three home runs and five RBIs in the three-game series. After the sweep, the Cardinals (16-14) are just half a game back of the Reds (17-14) in the National League Central and have won seven of their last 10.

The NL Central looks like it might be the most competitive division baseball this season with just three games separating first place from last place.

Whoops: Cardinals tweet for spring training fan contest uses Cubs baseball

As of now, Harper owns a .279 batting average. It’s hard to see old-school voters — however many are left on the Hall of Fame voter rolls when Harper retires — rushing to give first ballot votes to any hitter with less than a .300 batting average. Harper’s also injury-prone, averaging just 131 games through his first five seasons and has an attitude that alienates some fans and writers.

A Cardinals sponsor is offering a great promotion, giving fans a chance to win a trip to spring training.

The team tweeted out the great news, but there was a small problem: The promotion used a baseball featuring a Cubs logo.

The tweet had been deleted from the Cardinals’ Twitter account later Tuesday morning.

All joking aside, this promotion from American Family Insurance does sound like a great deal for Cardinals fans, offering four tickets to the spring training games March 24-25, airfare and accommodations, a meet-and-greet with Cardinals players and a $1,000 gift card.

We’d like to report that they are playing the Cubs one of these days, but instead they Cheap Girls Softball Jerseys face the Nationals and Marlins.

In today’s politically charged, America-centric USA, that can be a hard concept for some fans to grasp. Some take the stance “It’s AMERICA’S pastime, not the world’s.” Therein lies a big problem.

While there’s an ongoing war for the soul of baseball here at home, the front line for Chris Park — Major League Baseball’s senior vice president of growth, strategy and international — is overseas. For Park and MLB, it’s a battle worth fighting, and one MLB seems to be winning.

Big risk Mitchell Trubisky could be answer at QB for Bears

Mitchell Trubisky was North Carolina’s starter for just one season, and now he’ll focus on becoming the starter eventually for the Chicago Bears, after being selected with the No. 2 pick in the 2017 draft. The Bears traded up from the third overall pick to get him. Trubisky is expected to sit and learn behind Mike Glennon, whom the Bears signed in free agency.

Trubisky was a highly ranked dual-threat quarterback coming out of high school, but he was mostly sidelined behind Marquise Williams at UNC until last season. When Trubisky finally got his chance to start, he made the most of it, finishing with 3,748 yards and 30 touchdowns against just six interceptions. He added 308 yards and five touchdowns on the ground. After his impressive season, he decided Cheap Soccer Jerseys to forgo his senior year and enter the draft.

Despite his limited experience as a starter, Trubisky could be the most pro-ready of any quarterback in this year’s draft. At 6’2, 225 pounds, Trubisky has the prototypical size of an NFL quarterback and that, along and his undeniable athletic ability, made him an easy choice for the Bears as their next franchise quarterback.

Let’s give Sale the benefit of the doubt and give him two more that were so wild they couldn’t be plotted. That means there’s about a quarter-of-one-percent chance that this was an accident. Then you remember that Sale is the jersey-slashing bandit, which is basically a gateway drug to making suits made from human skin. I’m willing to believe that he’s not all there. His mind is 30 percent off, if you will. He was probably throwing at Machado because he wanted to.

Or because it gave him a strategic advantage! If you’ll look at the Gameday plot again, note that the at-bat ended with a called strike on a 98-mph fastball on the inside corner. That is cold blooded and old school, and I almost approve.

Rudy Gobert will return for Clippers-Jazz Game 4

Rudy Gobert will return for the Utah Jazz’s Game 4 matchup with the Los Angeles Clippers after missing the series’ first three games with a knee injury.

Gobert hyperextended his left knee and suffered a bone bruise just 11 seconds into Game 1 after colliding with Luc Mbah a Moute. He was originally listed as doubtful for Game 4, but was upgraded to questionable Sunday afternoon.

The Jazz will certainly benefit from the big man’s return, as they’ve struggled to slow down DeAndre Jordan after stealing Game 1 in Los Angeles. Now down 2-1 in their first-round series, they’ll need every bit of help they can muster to get past Chris Paul and the Clippers.

With Blake Griffin suffering a season-ending toe injury in Game 3, Gobert’s presence could shift the tide of this series back into Utah’s favor.

We know that bad free throw shooting will always be a part of the game, and that there’s no magic fix. For players who can’t hit them, their problems aren’t going away — they’ll still have to take attempts from the line any time they get fouled during the normal course of play. (That’s why the “but what about the children” argument makes no sense.)

But there’s also no reason to allow teams to artificially Good Site For Cheap Jerseys create more of those instances at the viewer’s own cost. We pay money to see players perform marvelously Good Quality Cheap Jerseys with the ball in their hands, and free throwing shooting isn’t one of those things.