Russell Wilson was running for his life as Seattle still couldn’t run the ball in Green Bay.

They need a get-well tuneup for a passing game that still has plenty of upside. The defense once again buys them time to figure it out.

Haven’t teams learned by now not to let Matthew Stafford be trailing going into the fourth quarter at home? Sheesh. But how about that pass defense stepping up?

Terrell Suggs still has plenty of T-Sizzle in him, and it carried over to every level of the defense in the old-school shutout of the Bengals. And, oh yeah, Joe Flacco is back.

Cam Newton was healthy and productive in his debut, but he can be a lot better. The baseline of the team’s running game and defense are good signs for a big rebound season.

Trevor Siemian is much more competent than people think as a starting quarterback, but he needs much more help from his offensive line and running game. The defense has enough chinks to make it vulnerable against the best offensive teams.

They have decided to throw away the early part of their season by not throwing Deshaun Watson into the fire. By the time they catch up, they will be just trying to make the playoffs vs. trying to make noise in them.

There’s some encouragement regarding a big Cam Newton Cheap Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys rebound with the new-look offense, but there’s still a big cloud over it. The Cheap Jerseys Youth NFL defense is stacked and talented, and it remains the trustier backbone.