Meet Jerod Evans, ‘one of, if not the best quarterback’ in NFL Draft

Jerod Evans was a one-year starter for Virginia Tech, which nearly upset Clemson in the ACC title game before the quarterback entered the 2017 NFL Draft.

The NFL Draft process will be huge for Evans, a tall, strong-armed passer with loads of upside.

We’ll follow his draft process with regular draft journals, starting with this one, done just before he left for Indianapolis and the all-important NFL Combine.

SPORTING NEWS: You had a unique journey to get to Virginia Tech. You were at two schools before you landed with the Hokies. What has that process been like?

JEROD EVANS: In high school, I had four offers: Memphis, North Texas, Navy and Air Force Academy. I decided, after the recruiting visits, I liked the Air Force atmosphere on and off the field. I went to the a prep school for a year in 2012 and then went to play at Air Force. But in the third or fourth game of the season, I tore my ACL and started to reevaluate some things.

“Think we all understand the expectations that come with this job. I think you guys know how I feel, you know I have great perspective on this thing.

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