Derek Carr sacrificed money from record contract so Raiders could re-sign guard Gabe Jackson

The record deal Derek Carr signed with the Raiders last month could have been even bigger.

While the $25 million annual value of Carr’s five-year, $125 million contract extension is the highest in the NFL, the quarterback left money on the table to make it easier for the Raiders to keep other key players.

One of those players is guard Gabe Jackson, who landed an Grade Cheap Jerseys extension of his own this week, adding four-years and $40 million to his old deal.

But according to the San Jose Mercury News, Durant is passing on that raise and will take less money to remain with the Warriors.

ESPN later reported Monday Durant had agreed on a two-year deal worth $53 million, or $26.5 million annually.

The Mercury News report says “Durant’s willingness to take even less than his expected 20 percent bump is how the Warriors were able to sign Andre Iguodala for $48 million and Shaun Livingston for $24 million, both over three years.”

Not only does Durant taking less money allow the team to sign other players, it lessens the penalty for the NBA’s luxury tax for dollars spent that raises the team salary above the league cap.

The Warriors were facing a penalty of $3.75 per dollar spent, but that number could drop to $1.75 per dollar. Durant may have burned some bridges when he left Hot Cheap Jerseys Oklahoma City, but it would appear he’s trying to build some in Oakland.