Steve Kerr to struggling Steph Curry: ‘Carry on, my son’

Steph Curry is struggling right now, but Steve Kerr isn’t concerned.

His head coach offered words of encouragement while mic’d up with the two-time MVP, who is in the midst of a tough shooting slump, during Sunday’s game against the Knicks.

These words of encouragement came in the first half of the Warriors’ matchup against the Knicks. Curry went just 4 of 13 from the field and 2 of 8 from beyond the arc in the first half. In his three previous games, he was a combined 3 for 31 from 3-point range.

This is obviously the type of coach and person Kerr, a two-time NBA Coach of the Year, is, and it’s no surprise that players love playing for him.

He’ll clearly stick by his players through bad times, even when they’re in a stretch that is this bad:

Better career 3-pt FG pct than Curry over his last four games: Ewing, Bogut, Drummond, Ben Wallace, Olajuwon, Yao, Mourning.

“Of course, because it was a very serious matter,” he said.

Teammate Manu Ginobili agreed, speaking for Aldridge’s Spurs teammates: “We were a little worried, a little concerned. That type of issue is not a hand, an ankle, a knee, something like that. It’s a pretty important organ.”

Aldridge described the episode last week in Oklahoma City as “just an off feeling” but didn’t want to discuss specifics about how the arrhythmia felt.

“It’s just a different feeling,” Aldridge said. “I know Orioles Cheap Jerseys my body Wholesale Jerseys Cheap well, and I’ve been through this before. I told the team and we did the protocol. I saw the right people, and I’m good to go. As we got into it more and more, I talked to more people about it. I was feeling more confident, because it definitely … it started off the opposite. I’m just thankful for the team acting so quickly, and I saw the right people.”

Blake Griffin, Clippers reportedly finalize five-year deal

NBA free agency is officially underway, and it appears Blake Griffin will be among the offseason’s first major signing.

According to The Vertical, Griffin and the Clippers have Website For Cheap Jerseys finalized an agreement on a five-year deal worth $173 million.

“When I had to make my free-agency decision, there was a lot going through my head, a lot of roads my mind was traveling down. Family, first and foremost, and what’s going to make them happy, and give them the best life. Basketball, of course, and where I’d like to play for these next several years. And then there was also the gut-check aspect — just what I was feeling in my heart.

“But for me, at the end of the day, this was an easy decision. And all of those roads … they all led me back to the same place: home.

Toronto will be underdogs against the Cavaliers and Celtics in next year’s playoffs as well, but traversing the East is nowhere near as daunting as getting through the West, a factor that surely weighed in Lowry’s decision to stay put.

An even older new presence is 36-year-old former Colts free safety Mike Adams, who went to his first two Pro Bowls with Indianapolis (’14 and ’15) late in his career and Wholesale Jerseys Cheap has something left in the tank as a roaming playmaker vs. run and pass. He’s much like Roman Harper from ’14 and ’15, except with more on-ball pop in coverage. With a blend of rising youth and reliable wisdom, these Panthers more resemble the 24-interception group from two seasons ago.

The Panthers went from 39 takeaways and plus-20 to 27 takeaways and minus-two, providing the most telling stat of their hangover. Everything adds up to them making more big plays offensively and defensively again this season.