The Clippers’ Season is Over. Here are 6 Predictions for What’s Next

The Clippers lost game 7 at home to the Utah Jazz, and they lost it badly. With it, they also lost another opportunity at a deep playoff run, and quite possibly the last chance for this core to make some noise together in the postseason.

A few notes about our top 100 list.

This list, as with any kind of rankings, is subjective. The SB Nation NFL staff worked together to create it. We put a great deal of thought into it, but you will inevitably disagree with it. That’s fine. Save your tweets. We know. This is merely a guide to help the world keep track of which free agents are signing where.

The final salary cap for 2017 has now been set at $167 million. That’s a jump of nearly $12 million over last year’s $155.7 million cap. That’s consistent with the annual bumps we’ve seen since the 2011 collective bargaining agreement went into effect.

*Yes, Tony Romo was not technically a free agent, but he was kinda available until he decided to retire and take a job with CBS.

We’ll keep this list updated with players who get cut as well as for who’s signing where and for how much. So keep checking back.

There was no real marked improvement in Leftwich’s four seasons in Jacksonville, derailed by a couple troublesome ankle injuries. He became a solid backup in Pittsburgh for a few years, but Leftwich failed as high first-round starter. He never recovered from getting close to the flame too early.

Boller got the chance to play right away as a rookie, as New York Yankees Cheap Jerseys Baltimore had few other viable options. He got in nine starts before injuring his thigh. He needed to pick up his tenth opportunity during his second season, in which he started every game.

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