NBA All-Star Game 2017: Voting revealed, but Russell Westbrook not among starters

Although the NBA changed voting rules for the 2017 NBA All-Star Game, the polling continues to be a popularity contest.

Despite averaging a triple-double, Thunder guard and MVP favorite Russell Westbrook wasn’t named one of the Western Conference’s starters for next month’s All-Star Game in New Orleans.

Then there’s Jeremy Lin, who has only played in 12 of the Nets’ 38 games this season and somehow has more votes than Kemba Walker, who is sixth at his position in points per game (23.1).

The good news for Whiteside, however, is the NBA changed its voting process this season. Instead of the fan vote accounting for 100 percent, it counts for only 50 percent. The other half is separated into 25 percent from a media panel and 25 percent from the players.

Rondo says he’s equipped to deal with that.

“I learned from (former Celtics coach) Doc (Rivers) you can’t teach everybody the same,” he told the Tribune. “Everybody doesn’t learn the same way. You can’t yell at everyone. Everybody’s personality is different. It’s knowing how to manage players. I feel I’d be good at that.”

There’s little question Rondo would be an excellent Xs-and-Os coach. He has an elite basketball IQ, and it’s reasonable to believe he could apply that elite intellect to player psychology as well.

If you think counterintuitively, Rondo would be an intriguing candidate whenever he begins his job search. He knows basketball inside and out, is a tireless student of the game and, he says, appreciates the demands of coaching.

“I know it’s not an easy job,” he told the Tribune.

He ought to know, considering he made life difficult for his coaches. But Nike NFL Jerseys Size Chart that, too, should be a mark in his favor: If anyone can handle a player who pushes back, it’s someone who NBA Cheap Jerseys himself does a lot of pushing.

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